About us

We ideate, design and build digital experiences.

Mobext is an ideas agency that truly believes in the power of mobile. Our small teams of technologists, designers and strategists focus on iteration and rapid development to create innovative experiences for mobile users.

brief24 in NYC

Launched in 2007 as the mobile advertising network of Havas Digital (now Havas Media), Mobext was the first agency to offer specialised end-to-end mobile marketing services within the global arena. With teams and offices spread around the world, we now leverage significant international expertise.

What we do

We’re here to create meaningful, inspiring and non-intrusive connections between people and brands. Through the power of mobile technology, we help users make informed decisions.

Message introduction by Animade

Message is our proprietary mobile messaging platform. The pay-as-you-go service lets users easily manage campaign messages, collect data and generate reports.

Walk for Water is our app-based donation platform designed to encourage healthier living and raise money for charity.

Walk for Water screenshot

We also host idea labs and hackathons that use collaboration and collective intelligence to build smart prototypes. Let us know if we can put together a custom Molab for your company, and be sure to find out about our next Swarm.

If you’re new to mobile, consider taking part in ATOM – our programme designed to encourage innovation for first-time mobile investors. Plus there’s brief24, our invite-only fast-track system for app development.

Our clients

Solving problems and developing breakthroughs for clients is fundamental, but there’s more to the story. Strong partnerships, based on a real commitment to integrity, inspire us to push groundbreaking ideas one step further. And by making a sustainable difference, great brands become better.

Work with us

Our creative process is based on collaboration. And regardless of what we’re up to, we always make the most of emerging technologies – to benefit companies and the people who do business with them.

For project inquiries, send an email to:

Andy Shaw andy.shaw@mobext.com

60 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4JS, UK (map)